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We Have Deep Roots in the Arlington Community

Welcome to The Carpenter’s Shop Center. Our center was built on a deep love for the people of the Arlington area. We grew up here, formed relationships here, went to school and church here, and this is our home.

The Carpenter’s Shop Center's Mission statement:
The Carpenter’s Shop Center is a faith and community based organization that improves the health of families by connecting them to resources, providing programs and services that empower and educate families so they can lead responsible, productive lives.
Cheryl Doro Wilder, Founding Executive Director of The Carpenter's Shop Center, was born and raised in the Arlington community in Jacksonville.  Mrs. Wilder holds a Bachelor of Music Education Degree, a Masters Degree in Early Childhood from Jacksonville University and a Doctorate in Women's Health and Ministry. Ms. Wilder has a love for this area of the city and is committed to improving the quality of life for families in this community.
Clint Wilder, (aka PC) Operations Director, Math and Science Guy, Survival Kids Commander and Robotics Program director for the center, is also very involved in the day-to-day operations of The Carpenter’s Shop Center. He has worked with students of all ages for over 29 years. His dedication to helping children excel in school has formed a deep connection with his students. Tutoring children in math and science has helped him realize that providing this type of education will allow each child to reach their goals in the community and in life.
Erica Manses is the Educational Coordinator and After School Director for The Carpenter’s Shop Center.  She has been with the afterschool program from its inception and currently acts as its Director. Her bachelor’s degree in Music Education (Duquesne University/ Pittsburgh Pennsylvania), as well as extensive training in Early Childhood Education, give her an eclectic mix of practical and creative approaches to learning. Erica’s heart is to assist the families of Arlington in reaching their God given potential. 
Over the last 16 years The Carpenter’s Shop Center has been transforming the lives of families in our community. We are committed to this area because it is our home, plain and simple.
It has been said "the only way for evil to triumph is for good men and women to do nothing.  There is a place here for you to partner with us and plant the seeds of change, not just for a neighborhood, but for a generation. You can stand with us to be “A Bright Light For Kids” in this Arlington Community.

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