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News & Events of The Carpenter's Shop Center

The Carpenter's Shop was recently honored by the Jacksonville Children's Commission as a program of excellence at a partner's breakfast attended by major donors and Jacksonville Mayor, Alvin Brown.
Follow this link to view the video presented at the breakfast!
Community Based Partner with Jacksonville Children's Commission for year round summer camp and After School Program $132,000  Years 2013-2017
Lucy B. Gooding Foundation
$9,500 Grant
Arlington Lions Club
$3,500    2016
$3,500    2015
$3,500    2014
$3,000 for Computer Center 2013
Foam insulation for warehouse $5,400
Carpeting for upstairs classrooms $1,200
United Way of Florida
Full Service Schools
2016-2017 $ 2,400 Robotics Lab
2011-2012 $5,300 Grant
Program expenses and scholarships
Champion Zone Project 3
2010 Total Grant Amount - $20,000.00
Program development plan and implementation
Whittington and Associates, LLC

Champion Zone Project 2
2008/2009 Total Grant amount - $ 32,882.00
For: Marketing - logo/branding, design, web page and Printed material
New sign fronts and electronic sign
Champion Zone Project 1
2007/2008 Total Grant amount - $29,251.00

For: 3 5-ton AC units for our warehouse
New fence
Playground equipment

About our program: We service children in many of the Arlington schools. Tutoring, homework help, reading lab, science club, dance, private guitar and keyboard lessons, life management skills and chorus are on this years slate of enrichment activities, and 'Store' where children are awarded for their diligence, ingenuity and character. 

Some of our enrichment activities over the past four years have included fishing and cooking club, crochet class and computer class. We change out our enrichment activities yearly. We have an excellent working relationship with Jacksonville University who partners with us in tutoring and mentoring the children and youth.
City Councilman John Crescimbeni, At-Large group 2, (at right) stops by for a visit to explore the center, meet the kids and hear Founder, Cheryl Wilder's vision for the future.
Each Summer we partner with the Jacksonville Children's Commission to provide Summer Camp for children. Our Summer Adventures camp is designed to capture the excitement of youth as we take our children on a five week adventure challenging them in areas of education, career planning, family issues, peer pressure, and of course, all manner of outdoor activities including fishing, hiking, boating, sports, geocaching, and field trips. Our partnership with the Jacksonville Children's Commission allows us to serve a large number of children who would ordinarily not be able to a quality summer camp experience.
We were proud to have had the number one rated summer camp application for several years running and have received an "Excellent" rating for our camp since we began offering summer camp.  We have been highlighted by the city of Jacksonville during the National Day of Summer Learning in the past several years, which focused largely on our "Science is Cool" enrichment class.  Our camp is a picture of the demographically diverse area we serve. We are proud of our social, ethnic and economic diversity. We also partnered with The Bridge of Northeast Florida with their Bridgeworks Summer Internship program which integrated wonderfully with our program.  
In P.C. (Pastor Clint) Survival Kids program, kids get an awesome way to improve their survival skills, boost confidence, learn leadership skills and live life courageously!  Kids have the opportunity to move up in Rank as their skills increase.  They will move from Traveler, to Woodsman, to Adventurer, to Survivalist.  Each step brings new challenges, new skills, and greater confidence.  A complete list of ranks and requirements can be found here.
Special thanks to Bed Bath and Beyond for their donations to us for 2013-2017