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The Carpenter's Shop Center–Services

We see change happening in the eyes of the precious children who seek solace here in our After School Academic and Enrichment Program. We see change occurring in the lives of the parents who are connected to The Carpenter’s Shop Center through their children.   The Carpenter's Shop Center has been a trusted, reliable landmark for children and their families since 2001.  You can help the Carpenter’s Shop Center be “A Bright Light For Kids” in our community.

Check out this video done on us by the Jacksonville Children's Commission!



Our After School Academic and Enrichment Program:   This program began in 2005 when we won a small grant to initiate a 3 day a week after school program in response to the need in our community for a safe, secure and clean environment for the children.  Today, 12 years later, our kids at The Carpenter's Shop Center are doing it different to make a difference!  Stop in and tour our after school program.  You will see kids enjoying healthy snacks and transitioning into a warm, caring environment that challenges kids to do things differently.  S.T.E.M. Academics are at the core of our program and each child participates in a 50 minute homework group.  During this time they can access help for their homework, give or receive peer on peer mentoring, or benefit from the attention of a community  volunteer.  Children avail themselves of the reading and computer labs.  Our staff keeps in communication with the families so we can partner in your child's learning.
Enrichment time is hands on learning time.  We are a SAY Yes Center and each month we feature a character building theme providing conflict resolution skills and challenging children to step out and do the right thing.  Sports club, Robotics Lab, Cooking Club, Girls Club are just a few of our interactive, engaging activities.  
We are making a difference in our community.  Children participate in service projects such as food drives, collecting eyeglasses for the Arlington Lions Club, old phones for Hubbard House and numerous other projects.  Students have opportunities to give back to the community and help others in need.  After school programs are proven to lower juvenile crime rates and they generally improve the neighborhoods around them.  The Carpenter's Shop Center is a bright light for the families of Arlington.  We invite you to join our family and make a difference with us!

Summer Camp: 
The theme of the 2017 camp is Summer Adventures: Mission Possible!  This enriching camp emphasizes theme learning, exposure to new experiences such as gardening, nutrition, drama, music, bike riding, hiking, holding a political election, a strong character education curriculum, community service projects, structured physical activity, and academic enrichment in reading, science and math.  'PC' the science guy is back to dazzle students with hands on experiments such as making flubber and creating foam volcanoes.  Literacy centers include the writing of poetry, journaling, buddy reading and many other language skills to enhance each child's reading experience.  Girls and Boys Club, Zumba, camping skills, Messy Mondays, Game Days, and Inside Out Days are just a few of the activities making learning fun at summer camp!   This program is largely funded through the Jacksonville Children's Commission (JCC) and The Carpenter’s Shop Center has won bids for this program for the past twelve years. We had over 100 children participate in our Mission Possible summer camp in 2016. The program is geared to the needs of children in the community from kindergarten through 5th grade. High School students act as junior counselors and earn community service volunteer hours for the time that they spend in the program. Serving with our summer camp allows high school students to give back to the community, earn community service hours, develop their life skills and maximize their potential.
We appreciate the partnerships of The Bridge of Northeast Florida with their Bridgeworks Summer Internship program and Jacksonville University.
Survival Kids:
Survival Kids is an original project by Clint Wilder of Arlington Family Church designed to teach kids that life is to be enjoyed and not feared, and that our decisions in life always have consequences. These kids are taught using real, hands on techniques that challenge them to be creative and thoughtful, mindful of others and the environment, and gives them the tools they need to survive and to be positive role models to their peer groups. We meet every Wednesday afternoon from 4:30 to 6:00 pm. We make videos of our teaching and use the kids to video, act and support. Some of our videos are here:
Water Video  
Fire Video Pt.1  
Fire Video Pt. 2  
Shelter Video
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