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Youth Programs to enhance children's and teen's learning experiences

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Survival Kids

Survival Kids is an original project by Clint Wilder of Arlington Family Church designed to teach kids that life is to be enjoyed and not feared, and that our decisions in life always have consequences. These kids are taught using real, hands-on techniques that challenge them to be creative and thoughtful, mindful of others and the environment, and gives them the tools they need to be positive role models to their peer groups. 

Come join us and become a "Survival Kid". It will change your life.
The Survival Kid Code – A Survival Kid Is…

TRUSTWORTHY – A Survival Kid always tells the truth and keeps promises made. We can be counted on to be there, to stay there and to help there.

FAITHFUL – A Survival Kid is loyal to family, friends, leaders and country. We will never knowingly betray any trust placed in us.

OBEDIENT – A Survival Kid is obedient first to God, second to parents and third to those in authority. We will not intentionally disobey any order unless it conflicts with the Word of God, parental authority, or the laws of our land.

FRIENDLY – A Survival Kid believes in the Golden Rule. We will always treat all others as we would like to be treated.

A GOOD STEWARD – A Survival Kid takes care of what they have. We are not wasteful or foolish with our resources. We pay our own way and do not borrow. We give to worthy causes and help where there is need.

COURAGEOUS – A Survival Kid shows courage in all situations because we know that if God is on our side we are never outnumbered. We stand boldly for the truth and for what is right even if no one else does.

CLEAN – A Survival Kid is clean in body, thought and purpose. We will maintain the highest standards of living and will not establish relationships with those who do not share these standards and beliefs.
SPIRITUAL – A Survival Kid has accepted Jesus Christ as savior and desires to grow spiritually, live victoriously and to know God intimately.
Our first Survival Kids Camp out was held over spring break at Dutton Island Preserve in Atlantic Beach. There were 11 kids in attendance with three adult leaders and two teen counselors. The kids "Survived" the worst storm of the year on Thursday night and had a great time learning camping skills (none had been camping before), playing flashlight tag, and making the third of our "Survival" videos. 
Survival Kids Videos – We have published three videos to date. "Water", "Fire" and "Shelter". These videos are used to empower the kids by teaching different survival skills and then allowing them to put these skills in to practice.

Here are links to some of the Amazing Videos we have created in Survival Kids:
Water Video 
Fire Video Pt. 1 
Fire Video Pt. 2 
Shelter Video  

Veteran's Day Campout Pictures

Survival Kids Ranks and Requirements

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